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about me

Kate Hanley Corley was born and raised in the Victorian town of Geelong. But like Candy’s boyfriend ‘she got out’ – no Geelong’s great, really! Kate grew up with two older brothers who used to do things like load their 5 year-old sister with a 3 kg bag of homegrown quinces to sell in the local old people’s village (the old people would buy them just to unburden her!) and then her brothers pocketed the 50 cents! This kind of grave injustice fuelled Kate’s desire to become more than just a cog in the quince slave trade.

After unsuccessfully trying two years in a row to  get into Australian acting school NIDA and VCA film school, 19 year-old Kate embarked on a career in Journalism and later Screenwriting working for several years for crime dramas Blue Heelers and City Homicide and later researching for other network dramas. 

At the tender age of 37 Kate, feeling stuck at home with 3 kids under 8 and nothing to say at dinner parties she decided to write and perform a one-woman Fringe festival show where she played 16 characters. Then, as they say, the rest is history …


Kate started performing in 2013 with Memoirs of an Aisha at the Melbourne Fringe and Melbourne Comedy festivals to sell-out crowds, then followed up with French Women Do Everything Better starring the much-loved French snob Fanny Bouffante she co-created with comedy writer Edwina Exton.


Her subsequent shows include South Yarra Mums, Scandals and most recently, Bad Mother.


 Absolutely Hilarious, my jaws are aching from the laughter.

 Audience Member,
Barwon Heads

The feedback from our guests, young an old was amazing.

Chris Black,
Chair Navy Blue Lunch Fundraiser MGGS Parents Organization​

I thought Fanny was absolutely brilliant last night.

Mary Papantoniou, BIA

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